The Ranger RT178

The all-new Ranger RT 178 bass boat is a fishing machine. Unlike other Ranger Boats, it is not covered in a high gloss gel coat, this boat an aluminum beast. It is the ideal first boat or a tournament anglers utility boat. That is not to say that the boat is lacking in features or design, it packs all the quality that every Ranger boat comes with but on an aluminum frame. The front deck is sturdy, all the compartments are reinforced and spacious, beautiful seats and the transom is reinforced with pultruded fiberglass. But let’s be honest, no one wants to read about this boat, they want to see it.

At the Toronto International Boat Show Live 2 Fish got the chance to see the first RT178 on Canadian soil up close and in person. Best of all, Greg Roth took us on a tour of the boat! So let us know what you think!

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