Handlebarz Musky Lures

Back in 2005, Mike Parker was on the verge of something great. He started musky fishing and buying musky lures. With the cost of the big baits he was buying, he felt they should be better quality. In December he started building musky lures, lures that would stand the rigours of musky fishing. Handlebarz Musky Lures was born.

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Musky Lures for Musky Fishing

The Handlebarz Musky Lures company is a family-run company and Mike Parker prides himself on the quality and durability of the lures. They build them with .062 stainless steel wire and split rings and solid brass beads. And what is one of the most important parts of a lure?? The hook!! Handlebarz Musky Lures have extra strong hooks with hand-tied flashabou skirts. They now offer tails and coils that attach to the back hook of their lures, bulking up the offering and adding some extra action.

In the video Brent Bochek and Mike Parker talk about the evolution of bucktails. What was once considered a big blade on a bucktail, which was made with actual hair from a deer, is small by today’s standard. The musky angler of today throws giant blades and Mardi Gra levels of flashabou tied onto the hook!


Is Bigger Better?

There is more to this change from small bucktails to large flashabou spinners than the bigger is better concept. The switch is as much about sustainability and durability than effectiveness. Mike Parker says the fish told us they like the flashabou better than the bucktail, and if you ask around people agree. The flashabou definitely holds up to the sharp teeth of big musky better than the bucktail from a deer. In the water, the flashabou has more flash and movement than the bucktail, so if you want a subtle presentation, stick to the bucktail.

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