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Buck N’ Bass Reservoir Rain Shell

What is worse than waiting for your day to go fishing only to be rained out. Well, maybe being on the water when the rain starts and getting soaked thru to your core. That is worse! But there are many ways to battle the rain! From garbage bag style ponchos to full out, two-piece, bib and jacket suits that breathe and keep you dry. Well, dry to some degree at least. As technology advances so should the gear we use to stay dry! The Buck N’ Bass Reservoir Rain Shell series does just that! The Iron Shell™ Dry fabric boasts having over a 49k water column rating that will keep you 6X drier than other jackets. It is breathable, doesn’t absorb water, and made with zero harmful Teflon!

The Water Column Rating

What exactly is the water column rating? To put it simply, a test that indicates the amount of “waterproof” a material is. Filling a 28mm tube with water that is held against the material being tested. The more the tube is filled the more the pressure against the material builds. When water begins to seep through the material no more water is added. The water level is measured using millimetres, from material to the top of the water and the Water Column Rating is generated.

A rating from 1mm to 5 mm would be considered waterproof, but can not handle any pressure. For example, if you sit or lean on something the water on the jacket will seep thru. At 30 mm the fabric can be submersed and water would not seep through right away. The Iron Shell™ Dry fabric that the Buck N’ Bass Reservoir Rain Shell is made from boasts a 49 mm rating. That puts in in the territory of solid materials.

The Features of the Buck N’ Bass Reservoir

This Buck N’ Bass Reservoir jacket is made for bass anglers! A hood designed and tested to stay on your head at high speeds, for example, while running down the lake in your bass boat. Sleeves that have two sets of velcro cuffs to ensure you stay dry! With a high Water Column Rating, the jacket does not absorb water, meaning you stay dry and light longer. The Buck N’ Bass website says the Reservoir Shell will keep you dry for eight hours, no matter what!

Live 2 Fish Buck N' Bass Reservoir Rain Shell A First Look Apparel Video

David Chong and BASS Elite Pro Angler Brandon Cobb show off some of the features of the Reservoir Rain Shell.

Live 2 Fish Buck N' Bass Reservoir Rain Shell A First Look Apparel Video
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