Swimbaits for Crappie

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Come spring in Southern Ontario there are a plethora of fishing opportunities. Depending on where you are, seasonal regulations can impact what you are allowed to target, but panfish are always open! Crappie are on of the most sought after of the panfish and for good reason. They are tasty, can grow big, and if […]

Ice Safety

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The period between the time open water season closes and ice fishing starts that anglers are asking the same question. Is the ice safe? Ice safety is something that should be on everyones mind. But the period between seasons tends to make everyone a little antsy. Some people start to take risks and make terrible […]

Splake Fishing in Sault Saint Marie

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Splake are a fish that have eluded me for a long time so the one thing I did not expect to be doing was splake fishing in Sault Saint Marie this winter.


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It is so important when Musky fishing to make “every cast count”. You don’t know when throughout the day when you chance is going to come, if it comes. So how do we make every cast count.

Fishing The Opener

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Aside from catching a fish, nothing gets an angler as excited as fishing the opener! But you are not the only one who gets excited about fishing the opener, everyone does! Can you blame them?

The Right Hook For The Job

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Walk into a tackle shop and there is sure to be a plethora of hooks in all sorts of shapes and sizes for sale. It can be an overwhelming feeling and even more confusing then picking line! I think that’s why most people don’t put as much thought into picking a hook as they should. […]

The Ned Rig…Bassin’ Ned’s Way

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One of the hottest finesse bass fishing presentations recently has been a Ned Rig! This rig was developed in the Midwest by several finesse fishing pioneers whose goal was to catch as many bass a day as possible.