The Right Hook For The Job

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Walk into a tackle shop and there is sure to be a plethora of hooks in all sorts of shapes and sizes for sale. It can be an overwhelming feeling and even more confusing then picking line! I think that’s why most people don’t put as much thought into picking a hook as they should. […]

The Ned Rig…Bassin’ Ned’s Way

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One of the hottest finesse bass fishing presentations recently has been a Ned Rig! This rig was developed in the Midwest by several finesse fishing pioneers whose goal was to catch as many bass a day as possible.

Top Five Lures To Fish A Trout River

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The cool fall weather seems to be just around the corner, soon the leaves will begin to change colours and already the river anglers begin the search for salmon and steelhead. You can throw flies, drift, or even cast hardware when those big migratory fish are in the rivers. They all work, and they are […]

Getting Ready for Ice Fishing

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With Halloween in the rear view mirror and Christmas coming up just around the corner thoughts of ice fishing are on some people’s mind, and if it isn’t, it should be! Why? Simple, getting ready when it’s still balmy outside is much easier than when it is the night before your trip, snowing sideways, pitch […]


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“Beaver” style baits have become a staple in nearly every bass anglers tackle box. Their versatility allows them to be fished in virtually any situation. Whether flipping the bank, dragging a Carolina rig, or finessing stubborn fish with a shakey head or drop shot. There is a beaver for every bass.

A Drop Shot Breakdown

Drop Shotting is a system, and it allows you to accurately present baits in the fish’s strike zone for an extended period of time. It really is the ultimate finesse presentation.

Cold Water Fishing Tips

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By: Randy Phillips, AR Lures U.S., 2009 BassMaster Federation Nation Champion, on behalf of Tackle Grab for Live 2 Fish Though spring has officially sprung as of March 20th, many anglers in the U.S. and Canada are well aware that cold temperatures can still pose a problem for fishing throughout the entire season. A few tips […]

A Better Polomar Knot

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Taking a second to make sure that your line is not crossed in the loop when you are starting your polomar knot will reduce the chance of the line biting and cutting it self.

Colour Quicktip

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The depth and speed of your presentation should be your first consideration. Once you know where the bass are and their mood, you can fine tune your presentation with colour. Article by Bill Boland @Lefthookoutdrs