A Better Polomar Knot

Live 2 Fish A Better Polomar Knot #L2Fquicktips Rigging  Knots Fishing Line #L2Fquicktips

Taking a second to make sure that your line is not crossed in the loop when you are starting your polomar knot will reduce the chance of the line biting and cutting it self.

Its all about the shirt you wear

Live 2 Fish Its all about the shirt you wear #L2Fquicktips Apparel  fishing apparel apparel #L2Fquicktips

Trying to stay warm or cool, keeping dry is the key to comfort. Check out the article by Bill  on performance apparel by @tacwear

Organize Your Hooks Quicktip

Live 2 Fish Organize Your Hooks Quicktip #L2Fquicktips Tackle  quicktips #L2Fquicktips

A great way to organize your hooks is to use closed cell foam, and push them in past the barb. You can label the hooks, and they wont fly around in the box when the boat is on plain. Article by @Dnotarianni

Colour Quicktip

Live 2 Fish Colour Quicktip #L2Fquicktips Rigging  quicktips #L2Fquicktips

The depth and speed of your presentation should be your first consideration. Once you know where the bass are and their mood, you can fine tune your presentation with colour. Article by Bill Boland @Lefthookoutdrs

Easy Change Cranks Quicktip

Live 2 Fish Easy Change Cranks Quicktip #L2Fquicktips Gear Rigging  quicktips #L2Fquicktips

#L2FquicktipWhen throwing cranks remove the split ring on the front of the bait and tying on a Fastach clip to to the main line to make changing baits easier on the fly.

Punching Mats Quicktip

Live 2 Fish Punching Mats Quicktip #L2Fquicktips Rigging  quicktips #L2Fquicktips

#L2FquicktipsUse a big enough tungsten weight and you can drag just about any soft plastic through a grass mat, however, the key to this whole system is efficiency. “Easy in, easy out“ should be your mantra. Having to shake the weight down through the mat can be frustrating, and lobbing the bait into the air […]

Check Your Guides with a Q-Tip

Live 2 Fish Check Your Guides with a Q-Tip #L2Fquicktips Gear  quicktips #L2Fquicktips

#L2Fquicktip use a Q-tip to find line damaging cracks and nicks in your guides. If the cotton pulls, the guide is damaged.