The HT E-Drill

Live 2 Fish The HT E-Drill A First Look Ice Fishing Reviews Video  power augers Ice Fishing ht e-drill Dave Chong

The search for the ultimate power auger is an ongoing quest, and the HT E-Drill might just be that answer

The Perfect Jig Underspin

Live 2 Fish The Perfect Jig Underspin Blogs Daniel Notarianni Reviews Tackle  underpin the perfect jig Swimbaits Lake Trout Fishing

I was at the Toronto Sportsman Show and managed to get my hands on some of The Perfect Jig’s newest jig, the Underpin and spent the next day on the Niagara River, so I decided to take them for a spin! And am I ever glad I did!!

The Skeeter WX 1910

Live 2 Fish The Skeeter WX 1910 Boats Reviews Video  yamaha Video skeeter Fishing Boats boats

The Skeeter WX 1910 is a fishing machine! The hull is specially designed to work with the Yamaha F200 engine and has the REACT keel will help boat control in tight turns and at trolling speeds.

There is no wood in the boat and the torque transfer systems eliminates transom cracking, this boat is designed to last forever! And with giant rod and storage lockers that have the Dry Dock system, your gear will last just as long!

Ish’s Phat Frog From Snag Proof

Live 2 Fish Ish’s Phat Frog From Snag Proof Reviews Tackle  Snag Proof Ish Monroe frog fishing Fishing bass fishing bass

Ish’s Phat Frog From Snag Proof Does any bass fisherman need a reason to go frog fishing? No.  Especially if you suggest going frog fishing for an afternoon to try out a new bait.  That’s precisely what I did one day last summer to test out the Snag Proof Lures Ish’s Phat Frog.  The first […]

Reviewing the Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier Baitcast Reel

Live 2 Fish Reviewing the Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier Baitcast Reel Gear Reviews  Review Pro Qualifier Fishing Reel Review Bass Pro Shops Baitcast Reel Review Baitcast

The Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier Baitcast Reel The Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier has been one of the biggest surprises in my arsenal this year. The Pro Qualifier got my attention early on when I realized the design features it boasts and the price point it fits into. The reel was highly praised and […]


Live 2 Fish LOVE THAT BEAVER!!! Reviews Rigging Tackle  flipping Fishing beaver baits bbass fishing bass

“Beaver” style baits have become a staple in nearly every bass anglers tackle box. Their versatility allows them to be fished in virtually any situation. Whether flipping the bank, dragging a Carolina rig, or finessing stubborn fish with a shakey head or drop shot. There is a beaver for every bass.

Vigor Eyewear

Live 2 Fish Vigor Eyewear A First Look Apparel Reviews Video

Sebastian Roy from Vigor Eyewear shows us why these are glasses are the shades you should have on your face if you like to play hard!

The Storm Twitch Stick

Live 2 Fish The Storm Twitch Stick A First Look Reviews Tackle Video

Rapala pro, Dan Risorto shows us a new bait from Storm, the Twitch Stick. It is a versatile little jerk bait that comes in some great colours and despite its size, is heavy enough to cast far.

The BX Series From Rapala

Live 2 Fish The BX Series From Rapala A First Look Reviews Tackle Video  Rapala Fishing Lures Dan Risorto BX Swimemr BX Minnow

Rapala continues to innovate in the hard body lure market. Taking elements from one of the most productive lures of al time, the Rapala Original Floater, and blending it with features from the X-Rap series of baits. Taking a balsa wood core and surrounding it with plastic creates a bait with the movement of a […]