Easy Change Cranks Quicktip

Live 2 Fish Easy Change Cranks Quicktip #L2Fquicktips Gear Rigging  quicktips #L2Fquicktips

#L2FquicktipWhen throwing cranks remove the split ring on the front of the bait and tying on a Fastach clip to to the main line to make changing baits easier on the fly.

Punching Mats Quicktip

Live 2 Fish Punching Mats Quicktip #L2Fquicktips Rigging  quicktips #L2Fquicktips

#L2FquicktipsUse a big enough tungsten weight and you can drag just about any soft plastic through a grass mat, however, the key to this whole system is efficiency. “Easy in, easy out“ should be your mantra. Having to shake the weight down through the mat can be frustrating, and lobbing the bait into the air […]