Punching Mats Quicktip

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#L2FquicktipsUse a big enough tungsten weight and you can drag just about any soft plastic through a grass mat, however, the key to this whole system is efficiency. “Easy in, easy out“ should be your mantra. Having to shake the weight down through the mat can be frustrating, and lobbing the bait into the air […]


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Easy in, easy out, that is the name of the game when you are flipping mats! Bill goes over the technical aspects of punching, from what to consider when selecting the right rod/reel set up, to how to properly rig your bait.

Soft Swimbaits

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  Ok I hear so many of my friends say I don’t know how to fish them and I don’t know which one to use. So here we go, when I first started throwing swimbait I decided that I would replace one of my goto baits with it so I would throw it more and […]

Senko or Stink-O

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I don’t know why, but far to many people have a hate-on for senko style baits. They are easy to use, versatile, and a very productive bait, yet people still use the “Stink-O” moniker when referring to them.