The HT E-Drill

The ultimate auger to attach to your power drill set up.

The search for the ultimate power auger is an ongoing quest, and the HT E-Drill might just be that answer. The trend seems to be heading towards a lighter and more of a hybrid option. So gone are the days of heavy gas augers, mixing oil with gas and transporting that smelly fuel all over the ice. Now, you just attach a power drill to an ice auger and start making holes! When this trend started years ago, your only option was to get a drill bit that attached your auger and drill. But you would hope that you didn’t torque the drill and jam your wrist. Or even worse, lose the auger down the hole. Because of this, Clam introduced the Clam Auger Plate, an adapter that gave you the feel and security of a power auger with the weight and convenience of a power drill! So it’s no surprise people argued over what auger you should attach to the Clam Auger Plate. Because it is kind of what we, anglers, do. We argue about what is best. After that, it was just a matter of time until manufacturers worked on specialized augers to pair with a power drill.

Enter The HT E-Drill, The New Kid On The Block

Live 2 Fish The HT E-Drill A First Look Ice Fishing Reviews Video  power augers Ice Fishing ht e-drill Dave Chong

So here is the newest and greatest in power auger bits. The E-Drill from HT Ice Fishing. With 10 inches of solid black ice, Dave Chong put the E-Drill to the test. A Milwaukee Fuel M18 Hammer Drill, Clam Auger Plate round out the rig. In the video, the rig cuts through the ice like butter! Now, even with a power drill auger, you can chase those big Lake Simcoe Lake Trout without worrying about the size of the hole!

Watch The HT E-Drill In Action

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