Fish Tacos

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I mean, perch burritos… Fish tacos, well at least what we call fish tacos in our house are actually more of a burrito. We can add more of the good stuff in a burrito and it is easier for the kids to hold and eat. If you want fish tacos, the recipe is the same, […]

Fishing Ponds

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Maybe you don’t have time to get the boat in the water. Maybe you do not have a boat at all! But that should not stop you from fishing! There are plenty of fishing opportunities right from shore. Where I am from when you say shore fishing most people think of fishing a river. And […]

The Day I Never Had

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It was about 8:00 pm that Niko and I decided we would meet at 5:00 am and head to the Beaver River, a river that has a lot of sentimental value to Niko and I.

Fishing Go-Bag

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Do you have one a fishing go-bag? A tray full of essentials that you can grab quickly when you decide to go fishing last minute! Here is a starting point!

Richard Elliot Jr

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In 2010 Richard Elliot Jr started the School Hatchery Program in hopes of teaching children about the ecosystem, but it turned into so much more.

Ice Fishing for Lake Simcoe Perch

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In Lake Simcoe, one of the world’s top ice-fishing destinations, perch is prolific. There are many ways and baits to use for perch, here are some of my favourite ways.

Ice Out Pan Fish

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There is a time every year that anglers go a little nuts. It is the time between the lake being covered in good safe ice and when we have open water. We either flock to the rivers in hopes of tangling up with some migratory trout, or we just have to wait it out. Depending […]

Top Five Lures To Fish A Trout River

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The cool fall weather seems to be just around the corner, soon the leaves will begin to change colours and already the river anglers begin the search for salmon and steelhead. You can throw flies, drift, or even cast hardware when those big migratory fish are in the rivers. They all work, and they are […]

Timing the Salmon Run

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  Late summer and early fall, when the water temperatures begin to plummet and the rains swell the rivers, is when I get excited for fishing. I know the salmon are starting to move up river, and it is just the start of a chain of fishing events that I wait all year for. Show […]