Top 5 Flies To Have In Your Box For The Trout Opener

5 flies for trout opener

I don’t fish steelhead in the spring nearly as much as I do in the winter, I don’t like being crowded. I will bushwhack and find little isolated spots for brookies and brownies and have fun with 3 and 4 wt rods all by myself once the season opens. The hardest part for me was […]

The Leech Fly

Rabbit Strip Leech Fly

There is no doubt that fish love to eat leeches. They have no means of defence, are very soft and swim through the water with a very tantalizing wiggle.┬áThere are all sorts of soft plastic baits that do a great job of imitating leeches, but a rabbit fur leech fly…it’s a thing of beauty when […]