Females in the Fishing Industry

Fishing has been a mans sport dating to as far back as caveman days, when men were the hunters and tasked with collecting food for the family, however, women have become increasingly involved in the world of fishing over the last few years. Some of us started as young girls, fishing with our parents and grandparents. Some of us started later in life with a significant other or out of pure curiosity.

Back in 2012 Fishing 101 for Women was founded, giving an outlet for like minded women to connect and develop. Fishing 101 for Women is a non-profit organization that offers free seminars and instruction for women interested in learning the basics of recreational fishing. The Great Canadian Female Anglers (GCFA) has been reaching out to female anglers, helping them meet other female anglers, empowering them and helping them move forward in the sport. Girls as young as 10 years old are becoming members of the GCFA. Brands like Rahfish are growing to accommodate women as well, with female staff and a new line of apparel for females.

There are many women in the fishing industry teaching each other and growing, the one thing we love as much as fishing is watching and helping young women and girls fall in love with the sport. I know personally when a young girl tells me her fishing stories, I feel great knowing that I get to be a part of her growth, and that I am able to pass on my love of the sport. That is what I find most rewarding, and why it is amazing to see more and more female role models in the fishing industry. It has come a long way, and we are still growing, as we continue to make the fishing industry more female friendly I can not wait to see where we bring it next.

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