Canadian Bass Anglers Federation Divisional Qualifiers

The Canadian Bass Anglers Federation took over the Kingston Ontario are at the end of July to decide who will be on the divisional team. It was three days of wind and tough fishing, but some great fish came in. Here are some photos, video to come!

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Here are the anglers that made the team, along with the three day totals.
Peter Savoia 49.23, Russ Watkins 45.36, Chuck Webster 42.89, Curtis Richardson 40.15, Greg Roth 39.77, Andrew Shufelt 39.27, Sebastian Roy 38.24, Gary Kapps 38.07, Mark McKeeown 38.01, Matt Pazzetta 37.31, Todd “the chef” Timlek 35.85, Mike Blair 35.3, Rick Barton 34.74

Daniel Notarianni

A Toronto based angler who has a need to share what he learns while he travels to discover new fishing challenges.

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