GeigerTec Mounts

Live 2 Fish GeigerTec Mounts A First Look Boats Electronics Video  JP De Rose GeigerTec Fish Finders

With the price and size of fishfinders and graphs these days it is amazing that people still trust plastic mounts to hold them up! A Canadian company called GeigerTec Marine Products has come to bat for you! If you are running a decent fish finder on your boat, you have made an investment in that […]

The Garmin Force Trolling Motor

Live 2 Fish The Garmin Force Trolling Motor A First Look Boats Video  Garmin Force Trolling Motor Garmin boats

The Most Powerful and Efficient Trolling Motor Available Garmin continues to push boundaries as it releases its first trolling motor, the Garmin Force. Boasting more power and longer battery life than any other trolling motor on the market. But power and battery life aren’t where the Force Trolling Motor stops pushing the boundaries of what […]

The Skeeter WX 1910

Live 2 Fish The Skeeter WX 1910 Boats Reviews Video  yamaha Video skeeter Fishing Boats boats

The Skeeter WX 1910 is a fishing machine! The hull is specially designed to work with the Yamaha F200 engine and has the REACT keel will help boat control in tight turns and at trolling speeds.

There is no wood in the boat and the torque transfer systems eliminates transom cracking, this boat is designed to last forever! And with giant rod and storage lockers that have the Dry Dock system, your gear will last just as long!

How To Change The Prop On Your Outboard Motor

Live 2 Fish How To Change The Prop On Your Outboard Motor Boats Video

Changing the prop of your boat motor is something that every boat owner should know how to do. Removing the prop to clean it is just one of the regular maintenance tasks you should perform. Trevor Day of Upper Canada Marine shows us how to do all that and more.

Ashley Rae and the Alumacraft 185

Live 2 Fish Ashley Rae and the Alumacraft 185 Boats Interviews Video  bass fishing Bass Boats Ashley Rae

Live 2 Fish caught up with Ashley Rae from She Loves To Fish at the Toronto International Boat Show and she takes us on a tour of her brand new boat, a Limited Edition Alumacraft Pro 185. This is the first bass boat style that Alumacraft¬†is offering in the northern market, and with a one-piece hull, […]

The Ranger RT178

Live 2 Fish The Ranger RT178 Boats Reviews Video  Ranger Boats Fishing Bass Boats

At the Toronto International Boat Show Live 2 Fish got the chance to see the first RT178 on Canadian soil up close and in person. Best of all, Greg Roth took us on a tour of the boat! So let us know what you think!

A Quick Look At Two New Rangers

Live 2 Fish A Quick Look At Two New Rangers A First Look Boats Reviews  Ranger Boats Fishing Boats bass fishing

Live 2 Fish spent a few hours at the Toronto International Boat Show today and got a chance to look at the two newest boats in the Ranger lineup, the much talked about Z520c and the wildly overlook RT178.