EVERYTHING You Wanted to Know About FISHING… but were too afraid to ask!

  • “What is the best line to use for fishing?”
  • “Is tungsten really that much better than led?”
  • “How long of a rod should I use?”
  • “Should I reel a baitcasting reel with my left or right hand?”

These questions and many others have been fielded by anglers David Chong and Daniel Notarianni over and over again at various shows, seminars, and appearances over the years. They are just a few of the fishing questions, especially from novice anglers and anglers looking to improve their fishing success rate, have trouble getting answered. To help find these answers, along with Live 2 Fish the “EVERYTHING You Wanted to Know About FISHING… but were too afraid to ask!” exhibit was born. It is a unique educational showcase that will travel to various consumer trade shows to enlighten all anglers who are interested in learning more about this wonderful pastime. With an interactive online portion running through Live 2 Fish’s social media outlets, there will always be something new to learn!

The exhibit will feature stations and modules, set up with interactive displays and pro anglers to deal with those questions that pop up again & again. The premier of this exhibit will be at the 2019 Quinte Sportsman, Boat & RV Show www.quintesportsmanshow.com 

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