Not So Ugly Anymore


Live 2 Fish Not So Ugly Anymore A First Look Gear
Not So Ugly Anymore

Historically known as the most durable rod on the planet, anyone who has ever fish with their grandfather or brother in-law knows what an Ugly Stik is. The Ugly Stik has not changed much over the years, yet it is still a constant seller in the tackle stores. But with the release of the GX2 Shakespeare has updated a legendary rod with out trying to make it something it isn’t. Live 2 Fish pro-staffer Matt Pezzetta recently had an opportunity to a take close a look at the new Ugly Stick GX2, and it left an impression.


The first thing I noticed was the appearance of the rod, the Ugly Stik GX2 has a gotten a make over but still managed to keep some of the traditional Ugly Stik visual staples. Shakespeare has kept the grips consistent with the traditional Ugly Stik and gave the reel seat and fore grip some shaping and red accents creating a more modern look. The fore grip check, which has traditionally been tones of yellow and brown, continues with the red accent theme with some added chrome. The blank is consistent with traditional Ugly Stik technology, a graphite and fiberglass blend, but the GX2 has a slimmer profile which should be welcomed by anglers. The guides have also been shaped down giving the fishing rod a higher end look.


There are a few aspects that have been left true to the Ugly Stik tradition that nice to see. It is no surprise that the tip of the rod was left clear, it is the calling card of an Ugly Stik after all, if they changed that they could not call it an Ugly Stik. They have also introduced a wide verity of models with 15 casting, 20 spinning, lady fish combo’s, and multi piece travel rods. Its easy to see there will be a rod for any application. And probably the most important feature to stay the same, Pure Fishing will continue to provide the same 7 year warranty at an affordable price point.


Even though I have not had the opportunity to fish the rod, the chance to hold the rod alone is enough for me to confidently say that this updated classic will be a winner. It holds itself true to the Ugly Stik name and offers something updated for the seasoned veteran any young angler looking for an indestructible fishing rod.

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