The Garmin Force Trolling Motor

The Most Powerful and Efficient Trolling Motor Available

Garmin continues to push boundaries as it releases its first trolling motor, the Garmin Force. Boasting more power and longer battery life than any other trolling motor on the market. But power and battery life aren’t where the Force Trolling Motor stops pushing the boundaries of what a trolling motor can do. The Force Trolling Motor is a tech-force…see what I did there…Let us take a look at the newest piece of technology from Garmin.

No Brushes-Less Noise Noise

Live 2 Fish The Garmin Force Trolling Motor A First Look Boats Video  Garmin Force Trolling Motor Garmin boats

The biggest difference between the Garmin Force Trolling Motor and the competitors is the brushless motor. You get more power and less noise, and by less I mean virtually none! But there is more! The Garmin Force detects and switches automatically what voltage you are running on. It operates at either 36 V or 24 V. When running at 24 V, it delivers comparable thrust to other tolling motors 36 V motors.

The Garmin Force Tolling Motor is a Navigational Wiz kid

Being a trolling motor it is no surprise that it will help you navigate around your fishing spot…but there is so much more in how it does that. There are three ways to control the motor, the foot pedal, the handheld remote, and from your graphs. That’s right, through your graphs!

Not Your Grandpa’s Foot Pedal

Live 2 Fish The Garmin Force Trolling Motor A First Look Boats Video  Garmin Force Trolling Motor Garmin boats

This isn’t your grandpa’s foot pedal, it is a wireless pedal that acts and feels like a cable drive! With tension options as well as spot lock, constant, and power settings you will think you are on your old trolling motor, that is until you remember there is no cord to trip over!

A New Kind of Remote Control

Live 2 Fish The Garmin Force Trolling Motor A First Look Boats Video  Garmin Force Trolling Motor Garmin boats

A handheld remote control isn’t a new feature to trolling motors. But one that boasts a gesture feature, letting you steer by pointing the remote in the direction you want to go, and programmable buttons that let you control your Garmin graphs, is new! Add on the transflective display, that is readable in the sunlight and a floating water-resistant body, and you have a universal remote that will make you forget the couch!

Graph Your Route with the Garmin Force Trolling Motor

Use your Garmin fishfinder to create routes to your favourite waypoint, and let the Garmin Force follow the tracks, so now you just have to focus on the fishing. With built-in autopilot, integrated heading sensor and GPS, the Garmin Force gives you anchor lock, heading hold and cruise control and the confidence to use them.

But Wait, The Gramin Force Trolling Motor Has More

The Garmin Force comes with an integrated transducer that is capable of CHIRP traditional and Ultra High-Definition ClearVü and SideVü sonars with improved noise interference reduction. With the cable management system to help protect additional accessories like Panoptix and LiveScope. The stow and deploy handle is a metal cable, no more broken ropes! You also get to set the stow position of your prop. So as soon as you pull the motor out of the water, the Garmin Force automatically puts the prop on the side you selected. No more messing with the foot control! And there is a dual shock system that aids in stow and deploys actions.

The Garmin Force Trolling Motor offers so much more, but most of all it creates an environment on your boat where everything communicates. Anyone who loves smart home technology will understand just how efficient this makes your boat. And efficiency means you will spend less time making things to do your chores and more time fishing!

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