The Skeeter WX 1910

The Skeeter WX 1910

The Skeeter WX 1910 is a fishing machine! The hull is specially designed to work with the Yamaha F200 engine and has the REACT keel will help boat control in tight turns and at trolling speeds.

There is no wood in the boat and the torque transfer systems eliminates transom cracking, this boat is designed to last forever! And with giant rod and storage lockers that have the Dry Dock system, your gear will last just as long!

New Live Target Lures for 2013

Live Target Popping Frog and Crappie Crank Feature

At the Spring Fishing and Boat Show 2013, Erik Luzak shows Live 2 Fish some of the new fishing lures that Koopers Live Target has released for 2013. The Crappie Crank and the Popping Frog will definitely make a splash with anglers, and on the water!

AR Lures Jerkbait

AR Jerk-Baits Overview

Sebastien Roy, from AR Lures, talks about the new Jerkbait’s AR has for 2013 and how to use this bait when fishing for bass.

The All New Okuma Helios

Okuma Helios Rod and Reel

Erik Luzak shows us the all new Okuma Helios fishing rod and reel. With a new micro guide system and a super light reel check out what Okuma has to offer.

The Leech Fly

Rabbit Strip Leech Fly

There is no doubt that fish love to eat leeches. They have no means of defence, are very soft and swim through the water with a very tantalizing wiggle.┬áThere are all sorts of soft plastic baits that do a great job of imitating leeches, but a rabbit fur leech fly…it’s a thing of beauty when […]