Ice Fishing for Lake Trout

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For some, when the temperature plummets and the snow and ice take over, it’s the time of year to stay indoors and keep warm. But for thousands of hardcore ice anglers, my self included, this is the best time of year! Growing up on the shores of Lake Simcoe turned me into an ice-fishing fanatic; Lake Simcoe […]

New Live Target Lures for 2013

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At the Spring Fishing and Boat Show 2013, Erik Luzak shows Live 2 Fish some of the new fishing lures that Koopers Live Target has released for 2013. The Crappie Crank and the Popping Frog will definitely make a splash with anglers, and on the water!

Technical Frog Fishing

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The nuances of bass fishing never cease to amaze me.  I’m captivated by how changes in baits, tackle and application can come together and create an effective fish-catching system.  Angling truly is greater than the sum of its parts.  Few techniques have benefited from this process more than frog fishing.  The days of dragging a […]