Fishing Pro-Am Tournaments as an Am

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   As an angler who fishes tournaments as an AM, or also known as a back boat angler, I find that it can be tough to plan out your day and how you think you will fish. With so many anglers that have so many different styles of fishing it can really make fishing a challenging, […]

The BX Series From Rapala

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Rapala continues to innovate in the hard body lure market. Taking elements from one of the most productive lures of al time, the Rapala Original Floater, and blending it with features from the X-Rap series of baits. Taking a balsa wood core and surrounding it with plastic creates a bait with the movement of a […]

AR Lures Jerkbait

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Sebastien Roy, from AR Lures, talks about the new Jerkbait’s AR has for 2013 and how to use this bait when fishing for bass.

How To Be A Better Non Boater

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Not every one has a boat, but that does not mean you cant fish tournaments. There are many fishing clubs and events where you enter as a non boater and get drawn to a partner with a boat that provide great opportunities for a non boater. It gives you the opportunity to fish in different […]

Colour Considerations

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  Technology has brought many wonderful things to the angling world.  With all of the benefit however, have come a number of issues that complicate the way we pursue fish.  Technique specific rods, specialty lines, reels with various gear ratios, countless styles of hooks and sinkers…..where does it end?  I thought we went fishing to […]

Senko or Stink-O

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I don’t know why, but far to many people have a hate-on for senko style baits. They are easy to use, versatile, and a very productive bait, yet people still use the “Stink-O” moniker when referring to them.