The New Garmin Echomap Ultra

Dave Chong gives us a run down of the all new Garmin Echomap Ultra, one of the best valued high performance fish finders out there!

Canadian Bass Anglers Federation Divisional Qualifiers

The Canadian Bass Anglers Federation took over the Kingston Ontario are at the end of July to decide who will be on the divisional team. It was three days of wind and tough fishing, but some great fish came in. Here are some photos, video to come! Here are the anglers that made the team, along […]

Ish’s Phat Frog From Snag Proof

ish's phat-frog-review-feature

Ish’s Phat Frog From Snag Proof Does any bass fisherman need a reason to go frog fishing? No.  Especially if you suggest going frog fishing for an afternoon to try out a new bait.  That’s precisely what I did one day last summer to test out the Snag Proof Lures Ish’s Phat Frog.  The first […]

Fishing Pro-Am Tournaments as an Am

   As an angler who fishes tournaments as an AM, or also known as a back boat angler, I find that it can be tough to plan out your day and how you think you will fish. With so many anglers that have so many different styles of fishing it can really make fishing a challenging, […]

Ashley Rae and the Alumacraft 185

Live 2 Fish caught up with Ashley Rae from She Loves To Fish at the Toronto International Boat Show and she takes us on a tour of her brand new boat, a Limited Edition Alumacraft Pro 185. This is the first bass boat style that Alumacraft is offering in the northern market, and with a one piece […]

A Quick Look At Two New Rangers

Ranger Z520, and RT178

Live 2 Fish spent a few hours at the Toronto International Boat Show today and got a chance to look at the two newest boats in the Ranger lineup, the much talked about Z520c and the wildly overlook RT178.


Punching Mats Feature

Easy in, easy out, that is the name of the game when you are flipping mats! Bill goes over the technical aspects of punching, from what to consider when selecting the right rod/reel set up, to how to properly rig your bait.

How To Be A Better Non Boater

The Non-Boater Dilemma - how to prepare for a tournament as a non boater

Not every one has a boat, but that does not mean you cant fish tournaments. There are many fishing clubs and events where you enter as a non boater and get drawn to a partner with a boat that provide great opportunities for a non boater. It gives you the opportunity to fish in different […]