Should I Use a Left or Right Hand Casting Reel

For the longest time right hand retrieve casting reels where the norm in any tackle shop. It is still difficult to find a left hand retrieve reel in every model of reel, but things are getting better. The hand you hold the rod with is a personal preference, but there are some things you should consider. Setting hook, working a lure and holding the rod all day long are some, but having the proper dexterity to turn the handle of the reel is as just as important. 

When baitcasting reels where all made with the handle on the right side, a right handed person was forced to make their cast with their right arm, then switch the rod over to their left hand in order to retrieve their bait. This can be cumbersome but once an angler becomes accustomed to this procedure, it can be adequate.

For someone who has not gotten into this habit, it is more more efficient to get into the habit of not switching hands. Consider this..

  • A right handed (right hand dominant) person should cast with their right hand/arm and retrieve with their left hand.
  • A left handed (left hand dominant) person should cast with their left hand/arm and retrieve with their right hand.

Similar to the game of baseball or softball where a right-handed person would throw with their right arm and catch with their left and vice versa!

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Learning to fish this way has some advantages; 

  • The angler will always cast and work their bait with their dominant hand and arm leading to more control, which should lead to longer and more accurate casts.
  • The angler will always be setting hook and fighting fish with their dominant hand and arm, which should lead to more solid hook sets.
  • By not ever switching hands, the angler is more efficient and will never get handcuffed by a fish striking while they were in the process of switching hands.
  • Of course if the angler happens to ambidextrous then they can use either a right or left handed reels or possibly both in order to save wear & tear on their body.

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