img_0773-4I should be writing to you but i’m a little intimidated, writing to me is like showing up to a tournament on a lake you’ve never heard of with zero knowledge of it and against the areas best anglers. You’re drowning and there’s no one around to save you, I feel like i’m drowning now but I won’t go down without a fight, even if there was some procrastination before the fight commenced.
img_0772-7This year has been a tough year not just as an angler, but as a person. I can literally say it was like having an excellent pre fish, going into day one of the tournament with confidence and then being hit by a storm and having everything blow up on you. Like being slapped in the face by reality a few times, and that’s putting it lightly.img_0775-9I’ve always been a fairly competitive person and angler but this summer, I just did not have the passion to compete. Despite feeling tired and stressed I found myself wanting to get out more, explore, live life for the day and that is exactly what I did. I traveled out of my comfort zone, my cellular coverage zone, and I fished areas I swore I never would. Guess what? it paid off! My passion for the sport hasn’t been lost, just shifted. I discovered I love camping and road trips down bush roads where there’s nothing around…not even a coffee maker…Gasp!img_0771-6

So this year, I did just that!

img_0770-5 img_0774-8 img_0769-3I packed my bags and drove across seven states in my little red Volkswagen Beetle and loved every moment of it. I slept in the drivers seat of my car in towns with names I couldn’t pronounce, I watched the sun come up over a stream in the Wyoming rockies and watched it set over wheat fields in Montana all in one day. I watched buffalo graze in a grass field and elk just lying in another. These may seem very simple and I promise you they are, but when you’re always on the go and working on your next big adventure you lose yourself. This summer I learnt who I was, who I want to become and that life is absolutely beautiful when you slow down and take in everything around you. I also found a way to ignite the fire inside and brought back that desire to get back out on the water before season ends. So as I write this, I’m half way done packing to go camping and fishing in beautiful Northern Ontario for three days.