A Quick Look At Two New Rangers

Live 2 Fish A Quick Look At Two New Rangers A First Look Boats Reviews  Ranger Boats Fishing Boats bass fishing Live 2 Fish spent a few hours at the Toronto International Boat Show today and got a chance to look at the two newest boats in the Ranger lineup, the much talked about Z520c and the wildly overlook RT178. Here is a quick preview.

The Carbon Z  features exclusive red anodized steering wheel and a red TH jackplate, in addition to red LED lighting, all of which is available only on the Carbon Z package. Also exclusive to the Carbon Z is a carbon fiber lamination process which is highlighted in every compartment lid, in the Ranger logo’s and other strategic locations throughout the boat. This is the commemorative boat for Rangers 45th anniversary, and they really did make a beautiful boat!

The first RT178 to be on Canadian soil was also at the show. Its not as flashy as the Z520c, or as fast, but it is not designed to be. This is a boat for the bass angler that likes to get WAY back into creeks, or is new to boats. A regular fibreglass boat would not be able to get way back into some of the smaller creeks with out damaging the hull, but this little “dune buggy” of a boat is built just for that! It is also a great introduction to Ranger for the new boater.

If you make it out to the Toronto Boat Show, make sure you take a look at these boats!

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