Ice fishing is a special time, it is much more of a communal activity than most other forms of fishing and every year there seems to be a new product that enamours the ice fishing world. Here are just a few that you should be on the look out for!

Set The Hook Hard Water Swimbaits



With a deep bodies and an oversized boot tail the newest offering from Set the Hook have a swimming action that just screams eat me. Packed with salt yet with out loosing durability they will sure to be a favourite of swimbait enthusiasts and hopefully big fish come the hard water season!


Rapala Flat Jig®

Something that may be of great interest to walleye anglers who are consistently fighting currents or trout guys who want to plummet the depths!

“Designed to perform in heavy current conditions and deep water. Thanks to its flat body design and heavy size to weight ratio, Rapala Flat Jig® retains its gliding action even in the most demanding conditions. Dives fast and is responsive and easy to control even in extreme depths. Ideal for ice fishing as well as open water applications.” – Rapala


The Rapala Flat Jig

Rapala®Bluetooth Beanie


With an MSRP of $39.95, this is not only a great ice fishing accessory, but a great all round stocking stuffer!

“Keep your head warm and your body rocking in this stylish beanie with Bluetooth capability. Listen to any Bluetooth compatible device conveniently through built in speakers!” – Rapala



Polar Fire Deluxe Tightline Reel


With straight line reels constantly gaining popularity the Polar Ice has come out with the new Deluxe Tightline reel, with a 2:1 gear ratio, aluminum construction, EVA knobs and a drag system this reel is built to last.



Marmooska Tungsten Dropper Jig

Tungsten micro jigs are a staple in any panfish anglers arsenal, the Marmooska line has expanded to make a heavier, more durable jig with a jingle/dropper.








Clam Hard Sided Rod Locker 

Protecting your ice fishing rods is always a challenge, now Clam has come out with an Aluminum, lockable rod case that fits up to a 32 inch fishing rod!




Leech Flutter Spoon

“The Leech Flutter Spoon from Clam Pro Tackle has ultimate unique flutter that falls and

tumbles back-and-forth. The highly reflective plated color finishes flicker light. And when jigged

aggressively vertically, the Leech Flutter Spoon darts off to the side in eratic form, yet falls slowly

because of it s light-weight zinc alloy material that flutters effortlessly. This new spoon features belly

dots that catch fishes eye as it flutters. It’s perfectly balanced to swim naturally in the water like a

leech. Complete that with an attracting feathered trailer that fools’em everytime. Finally it comes with

a fast-snap clip to maximize flutter action!” – Clam Outdoors






Black Betty FreeFall Left Hand Ice Reel

 The Black Betty is the Ferrari of inline reels, with super smooth actions, slick design features, and the attention to ergonomics that only 13 Fishing can do this is the reel you will see in the hands of anglers with a taste for the finer things in life. This reel comes in both left and right hand retrieve.

black betty free fall side


black betty free fall front“Betty is back to claim her spot at the top of the ice fishing world. The revolutionary FreeFall trigger allows hard water anglers to use their flasher, hit specific depths, and get instant hookups by releasing the trigger in the target depth. The ultra-functional system instantly re-engages to maximize your strike to hookup ratio. Easy one-hand operation built for the pistol/pencil grip, the BlackBetty FreeFall is the ultimate shallow and mid-depth ice fishing reel.”-13 Fishing




HT Ice Scentz

HT’s newest offering is a soft plastic that will out fish any soft plastic on the market. A scud pattern with great scent and durability, the bait straight out catches fish, and lots of them! I was fortunate to get my hands on a jar of these last season…thats right, they come in a jar, and I have used only two baits in all of the fishing I did last year. I could have used one, but I broke off and lost the whole rig. I’m sure you will see more and more anglers using this on both jigs and donkey rigs.

HT Ice Scentz rigged









Slab Grabbers

Drain Pipes

The only complaint I ever get about the Slab Grabber is from people who like fishing deeper water, they take forever to drop, and most people just don’t want to wait. When you are marking a school of fish sitting at the bottom I can understand the frustration. The Drain Pipe is a heavier cousin of the Slab Grabber, sure to be a favourite with anglers who target deeper populations of fish, or just lack patience and want the spoon to hit bottom a few moments ago…

Drain Pipes - Slab Grabbers Drain Pipes shapes - slab grabbers







Dimpled Slab Grabbers

Adding dimples to the traditional Slab Grabber will generate a more erratic flash and a different vibration as the lure flutters and dances in the water colour. For pressured bodies of water, a slight change of pace may be all that is needed to trigger finicky fish!

Dimpled Slab Grabbers