Fishing Ponds

Maybe you don’t have time to get the boat in the water. Maybe you do not have a boat at all! But that should not stop you from fishing! There are plenty of fishing opportunities right from shore. Where I am from when you say shore fishing most people think of fishing a river. And I do spend a lot of time on the rivers! But when I am looking for a change of pace I spend some time fishing ponds!

There are many local ponds around that have bass, sunfish, trout, carp and pike. You could take a look at stocking charts, likewise, go for a walk to your local pond. Put in the footwork and do it old school, make some casts. You really don’t know what you are going to find until you try. What is the worst that can happen…you spend some time washing lures, big deal! Beats sitting around inside watching TV, or on your computer…right?! Plus it is easy fishing and perfect to bring the kids to!

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You don’t need a whole lot of gear when you are fishing a pond. I  keep it simple and it fits in a side pack.  It is small, comfortable to fish with and streamline enough to do a little bushwhacking. A lot of it is in a get-up and go pack!

This is what I pack in mine…

Hooks and Weights To Pack for Fishing Ponds

I will bring an assortment of hooks to cover a few situations. A #1 wacky weedless, 1/0 worm hooks, #2 Stringease Zero Twist, 3/16 and ¼ oz jig heads. I also bring a 1/16 and a ¾ oz bullet weights for Texas rigging. And I round it out with a few sizes of drop shot weights.

Plastic Pond Baits

I keep it simple here. A pack of Set The Hook Spikes, the smallest Strike King Rodents I can find and 2″ tubes or minnows.

Hard Lures for Fishing Ponds

Spinners are always in my box, pond or not! But in ponds, small spinnerbaits are on the top of my list. The Strike King Pond Master spinnerbait is a compact little spinnerbait. It will catch anything from crappie to bass to trout. There is also a buzz bait in a pond size that is a blast to fish! A frog is pretty versatile, it can be used in open water and over heavy cover like pads and slop.

Rod Selections To Explore Ponds

I usually bring two rods if I am targeting bass or pike. A 7’2″ medium spinning and my 7’6″ heavy casting rod. With those, I can handle any situation that I come across at a pond. On the other hand, if I am targeting trout and panfish I will bring a 6’9″ medium-light extra fast or a 7′ ultralight. The 6’9 is a drop shot style rod. It has a tip that is light enough to work delicate baits but the backbone to deal with bigger fish.

Live 2 Fish Fishing Ponds Articles

Always make sure that the pond is not on private property! If it is, make sure you go and ask for permission before you try to fish. Also, consider the sustainability and water quality of that pond if you are planning on harvesting fish.

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