Fishing 101 For Women goes Ice Fishing on Lake Simcoe

Fishing 101 For Women goes Ice Fishing on Lake Simcoe


On January 24th I had the opportunity to do an ice-fishing seminar on Lake Simcoe with Fishing 101 for Women. The seminar was called Ice Fishing 101, where myself along with three other female ladies had the opportunity to teach other female anglers the basics of ice fishing. Some of these anglers have some ice fishing experience, and for some it was their very first time ice fishing.

The three presenters had the attendants rotate through in groups, and my group starting slow with only two fish in the first few hours. We had a lot of setbacks, with all the holes being close and but the learning was fast and furious, much like the perch fishing on Lake Simcoe. The frustrations of tangled lines and missed fish where a thing that we were all able to laugh it off. Eventually I was able to move huts onto a better area with the second group, and once we moved to a new hut the fishing picked up. I was able to witness the angler’s confidence build their abilities and techniques and I quickly remembered why I do this.

Watching new friendships begin because fishing open new lines of conversation should remind us all why we spent long nights and longer days awake, traveling, and working as hard as we do to play the way we do. We do this all to be able to teach and watch the people who without organizations like Fishing 101 for women would not be able to get involved in the outdoors. The most rewarding part of the day was when they asked, “When can we come back and do this again?”

The next Fishing 101 for Women Ice Fishing Day will be February 15th, on Lake Simcoe. And being Family Day, anyone can come out and fish as you will not need an Ontario Fishing License.


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