The New Garmin Echomap Ultra

Dave Chong gives us a run down of the all new Garmin Echomap Ultra, one of the best valued high performance fish finders out there!

Ice Out Pan Fish

ice out panfish

There is a time every year that anglers go a little nuts. It is the time between the lake being covered in good safe ice and when we have open water. We either flock to the rivers in hopes of tangling up with some migratory trout, or we just have to wait it out. Depending […]

Exciting New Gear from the Spring Fishing and Boat Show

Spring Fishing and Boat Show-Feature Image

Every February the fishing industry gets together in Toronto Ontario for the Spring Fishing and Boat Show and a lot of the major manufacturers are eager to show you what they are releasing to the market for everyone to try out!

Top Five Lures To Fish A Trout River

The cool fall weather seems to be just around the corner, soon the leaves will begin to change colours and already the river anglers begin the search for salmon and steelhead. You can throw flies, drift, or even cast hardware when those big migratory fish are in the rivers. They all work, and they are […]

Looking Back at 2016 Daniel Notarianni

Looking Back at 2016

When I look back at 2016 I can only described it as a roller coaster, with it’s intense highs and lows it was definitely a year of overall change. I starting off 2016 working in a factory, from there moved on to work with the Palotta family setting up fishing industry trade shows, tournaments and the CSFL […]

New Ice Fishing Gear for 2017

New for 2017 - Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a special time, it is much more of a communal activity than most other forms of fishing and every year there seems to be a new product that enamours the ice fishing world. Here are just a few that you should be on the look out for!

How To Get In Some Saltwater Fishing when on Vacation

How often have you been on a vacation with the family sitting on the beach or hanging by the water thinking “it would be great to get some fishing in”. Most Ontario residents have visited Florida on a vacation at one point in their life and considering it claims to be the fishing capital of the […]

Getting Ready for Ice Fishing

With Halloween in the rear view mirror and Christmas coming up just around the corner thoughts of ice fishing are on some people’s mind, and if it isn’t, it should be! Why? Simple, getting ready when it’s still balmy outside is much easier than when it is the night before your trip, snowing sideways, pitch […]

The Perfect Jig Underspin

I was at the Toronto Sportsman Show and managed to get my hands on some of The Perfect Jig’s newest jig, the Underpin and spent the next day on the Niagara River, so I decided to take them for a spin! And am I ever glad I did!!

Timing the Salmon Run

timing the salmon run feature

  Late summer and early fall, when the water temperatures begin to plummet and the rains swell the rivers, is when I get excited for fishing. I know the salmon are starting to move up river, and it is just the start of a chain of fishing events that I wait all year for. Show […]