Refuelling the Fire

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I should be writing to you but i’m a little intimidated, writing to me is like showing up to a tournament on a lake you’ve never heard of with zero knowledge of it and against the areas best anglers. You’re drowning and there’s no one around to save you, I feel like i’m drowning now […]

Fishing 101 For Women goes Ice Fishing on Lake Simcoe

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Fishing 101 For Women goes Ice Fishing on Lake Simcoe   On January 24th I had the opportunity to do an ice-fishing seminar on Lake Simcoe with Fishing 101 for Women. The seminar was called Ice Fishing 101, where myself along with three other female ladies had the opportunity to teach other female anglers the […]

Females in the Fishing Industry

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Back in 2012 Fishing 101 for Women was founded, giving an outlet for like minded women to connect and develop. Fishing 101 for Women is a non-profit organization that offers free seminars and instruction for women interested in learning the basics of recreational fishing. The Great Canadian Female Anglers (GCFA) has been reaching out to female anglers, helping them meet other female anglers, empowering them and helping them move forward in the sport. Girls as young as 10 years old are becoming members of the GCFA.

Catching The River Bug

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I recently had the opportunity to try something new with a few good friends. Growing up in Northern Ontario, I have always had a passion for bass and pike fishing, but since moving to Barrie I have been hearing more and more about rivers and float fishing. After giving it a few attempts, I have […]