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Growing up in a small community in Northern Ontario, the outdoors was in my blood. I began fishing before I knew how to walk; my dad introduced me to the sport on our island on Lake Nipissing when I was still in my walker. He was a tournament angler and I always wanted to go with him. I fished my first tournament at eight years old and instantly knew that there was no way I could picture myself doing anything else. I love spending time on the water, nothing that can compare. I love fishing because I love to learn, and in fishing you never stop learning.

My best memory fishing

is with my grandparents when I was six. We were in a very weedy area and I wanted to put a gummy worm on my hook as bait. They told me “I would never catch a fish with a gummy worm” but I put the gummy worm on anyways. Then all of a sudden I felt a fish on my line, but my grandparents didn’t believe me and as I was retrieving my line they kept saying it was only weeds. When my ball of weed got close to the boat, I yelled, “grab the net, grab the net!” but they kept saying I didn’t need a net. Eventually they netted my weeds and sure enough, there was a nice sized pike buried in all the weeds.

My tournament career has been great with over 100 tournaments under my belt I have two first places finishes, a classic win, countless top tens and was named Rookie of the Year. I am also affiliated with Top Fifty Pike, The Great Canadian Female Anglers, Fishing 101 for Women, Rahfish, Shimano, Jackall, Power Pro, and G.Loomis.refuelling-the-fire-feature

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